Sunday, July 16, 2017

Pom-Poms, Scallops, Tassels! Oh MY!!!

 Are you a scallop or a ruffle girl? How about some fringe or tassels? 

I know all these elements are big this season, especially ruffles. If you see a ruffle on me it will be a very soft one nothing too poofy for me. I am poofy enough on my own.

Now if you are talking fringe or pom poms I have discovered I am all over that trend. Who knew??

Scallops fall in line perfectly with my preppy sensibilities.

I have a few pieces on my radar and a few that I already own that I will share with you in each of the above categories.....


I just got this cute navy scalloped skirt from Talbots, it fits like a glove and I love the detail on the bottom of the hem, which hits me just barely at the top of my knee..

I am going to have fun wearing this for the rest of the summer. I think it can be a dress up,  or dress down piece according to the accessories I put with it. 

Scallops can get a bit sweet and cutesy so I try to be careful when choosing a piece of clothing, but they are so preppy and I love that!

POM-POMS and Tassels

Pom-poms have been on trend for a couple of season and I must say I am totally on board.

 I did not even realize I was missing something in my life until I purchased my first pom pom dress last year for a swimsuit cover up, and I found I actually wore it as a a dress as well, plus it has POCKETS!!!!

I have a couple of pieces on my shopping list that have some pom poms on them as well as tassels. They just say FUN To me.

If and when I get this dress I will probably have the sleeves shortened a bit. I find for me a little shorter works better. A simple alteration to make it more me.

This is too cute for words, gingham and tassels, count me in. I would wear this with white denim cut offs or white jeans.

Blue and white stripes with black is so my style. Sounds very much like my great room in our home!!! Just a fun little top that will be very cool for the summer heat.

It is knit, blue and comfy PLUS a little fun tassel  detail on the bottom.

I am not a big fan of off the shoulder for me, but I have found that if there are no embellishments on the top edge and it is plain with elastic it still looks cute up on the shoulder. This little cutie would be for a swimsuit cover up for me. It looks so cool and easy to wear.

This is a golden yellow color that I love wearing and the little touches of tassels makes it current and fun. I think a really cute pair of patterned slides would look great with this dress.

Can we all say CUUUUTE!!!

This is about as Bohemian as I will get and notice it is striped!! Go figure!!


I really like the soft ruffle on this chambray skirt. It would be so easy to wear with plain white or a black and white striped tank top and look cute with a pair of black slides or even flip flops.

Cool and easy breezy to wear in the summer. This would be a fun go-out-to-dinner dress. Good for packing too, it is knit!!

Of course there are shoes, sandals and bags with all of the above elements too. I feel another blog post coming on!!


Friday, July 14, 2017

Easy To-DO and Inexpensive SUMMER Decor


Sometimes it is the simplest of things that can make us happy and I also think simple things can add beauty to our homes. 

We don't necessarily have to go out and buy the most expensive of decor elements to add beauty to our homes. I love to pick up flowers and produce to add color and texture to my home when I am at the grocery store.

Today I am going to show you several pictures of  grocery store bouquets and produce that I used to add some loveliness to our home.

Keep in mind all of these you are about to see usually cost between $9-$12 at our local grocery store, and I know most grocery stores carry flowers now.

A vintage wood bowl and fresh produce added next to a bouquet of flowers always makes me smile.

I like to keep snacks out on my counter so I used soup bowls filled with nuts and cranberries. The white roses and candles add a nice glow.

 Again fun finds from the grocery store and I put them in a colorful pitcher and basket.

I love fresh tomatoes from the fruit stands that we have in our area, they not only look pretty, but they are delicious!

If you have left over flowers find an unusual way to display them. 

You will notice I change out the colors of my bowls, vases and pitchers according to the produce and the flowers I am using.

 Sometimes a grouping of bowls can be more of a statement than one bowl of produce.

Sometimes I will add just a touch of produce by a vase that adds a nice compliment to the flowers I am using. I love the way the limes pull out the greens in the stems of the daffodils.

If I am having overnight guest I like to keep out a tray of goodies for them to snack on anytime they want to. Notice I also have some limes and lemons and cuties to fill in the empty spaces. All full of color and texture.

Fresh yellow tomatoes with balsamic vinegar and red cherry tomatoes.

It doesn't have to be a large bouquet to be pretty.

I like to have a bud vase in my bathrooms for a flower or two, just adds a nice touch.

I often will add "3" flowers in a vase, one for each of my son's! When I look at them I always think of my boys.

Simple daisies in French perfume lab beakers.

When I have guest I will put out what they might need to make a cup of tea or coffee next to the coffee pot for easy access, notice the addition of one simple pansy in a vintage blue bottle.

Little bouquets from our rose bushes waiting to be placed throughout our home.

One sprig of fern in vintage bottles adds a fresh touch on the window sill of the kitchen.

No flowers not to worry add a glass full of colorful straws with your bowl of produce!!

I will leave you all with this weeks simple flowers and produce.

Remember every thing you saw in this post today was purchased at the grocery store or fruit stand. The best part the price point and how easy it all is to do!!

Enjoy your Summer 
fresh fruit and flowers!!!!