Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Story Of My Thanksgiving Day Table!



I have to admit that I waited until the very last minute to do my table this year. I had no idea what I was doing until I actually picked out my flowers at the grocery store.

The flowers were put in a big blue bucket until yesterday and then I began thinking about how to put this all together.

After looking at the flowers for awhile they told me they needed elegance and I knew I had the perfect piece to put them in. I just wasn't sure how I would make it work.

I have a beautiful antique silver bowl with my initial K engraved on it that my DIL gifted me!! It was perfect. I needed it to be a bit higher so I added one of my Revere bowls as a pedestal. It WORKED!!!

Now how the heck am I going to make the flowers stand up in this without a frog. Luckily my memory did not fail me and I remembered seeing someone do this with scotch tape....

 So I began to polish the silver.....

Not my favorite job, but so rewarding when it is all done!

The I put it together using my grocery store flowers and added some apples as well as some lemon and limes from our espaliers in the backyard to the arrangement........

Ready to be moved to the table, verrrrry carefully!!

I made some place cards using parchment paper and apples along with the Burgundy eucalyptus leaves with each guest name written on them.......

 Now for the fun part, putting it all together on the table.

I played with three different glasses, but the vintage ruby glasses won!!

You can see that I used a linen colored tablecloth with silver sparkles in it, that tied in my use of silver nicely, plus I love anything that sparkles, don't you?

Simple white napkins placed under each plate. By golly I think this is all going to work out just fine!!

I even had some soft red marbled candles in my stash that are the perfect color to go with this table. Who knew?

Next will be the truly best part, having my family sitting around this table!!!

After a little problem, the sink backed up!!! Hubby ran to Home Depot at 8:00 last night and by 10:00 my handy dandy guy had it fixed, not an easy fix but he did it!!

All was well with my world as I sat in the dark with the fireplace and Christmas pictures and music playing on the TV softly. Yes all is well.....



Tomorrows post is going to be a joint effort of 4 other very talented ladies. Stay tuned for another episode of Project Design....


Thursday, November 16, 2017

5 Years of Our Thanksgiving Tables


 I haven't fallen off the face of the earth even though it might appear that way when it comes to my blogging schedule. Life has been a bit busier these days for me, but I think I have found a good rhythm.

It feels as if I have lost about 6 weeks somewhere so I am playing catch up these days. 

Are you all as shocked as I am that Thanksgiving is only one week away? Holy Smokes!!

Maybe I should start thinking about menu planning and how I want to do our table this year? 

Today I think I am going to look back at what I have done in previous years to see if that spurs me on to actually making plans.

This was a fun one to do. I used Caramel apples covered in nuts and placed them on a 3ft  zinc tray That had bands of nuts and cranberries with mums interspersed.

I used real stems from a tree for the apples and yes they could be eaten as part of the dessert.

This next table  was from 2011 and I used a 5ft long wooden box that my hubby made me to fill with pewter candle holders, candles, pumpkins and other produce. I like to use natural elements whenever possible. 

I stenciled the word BLESSINGS  on the side of the box.....


In 2014 we had a quiet year and I kept the table simple and meaningful.

I downloaded the perfect words for our table.....

I also found a down load for my menus that I placed on each plate......

In 2013 it was all about white and gold and falling leaves........

I purchased vases at the dollar store and spray painted the bottoms. Such an easy thing to do for just that extra added touch of fancy!!!

Each place setting had a white mini pumpkin with their names on a simple tag hanging off the stem. The hardest part about doing this was to find that many pumpkins with stems!

The long mirror is close to 6 ft long just to give you an idea of how large the center piece actually was.

 In 2012 I chose a color scheme of natural linen, whites, creams and soft sage green......

Ikea white lanterns were at the center of the tablescape, accented with all white pumpkins natural colors of nuts and gourds with soft green maple leaves. Vintage brown Fostoria glasses finished off the look. I am sure you have noticed these glasses are repeats from years past as well.

You will notice each place setting has a small tag with the person's name written in white chalk pen. I just used brown garbage sacks to make these, a no cost little addition.


Friday, November 3, 2017

FASHION POST: Winterizing Your Wardrobe


Cooler weather has arrived, finally!! What is a girl suppose to do with some of her summer/spring type pieces of clothing?

I challenged myself to winterize a few of my pieces that are worn in the summer or warmer months. I was a little surprized at how seasonless some of my pieces were.

Here is what I came up with.....

 This simple little knit dress is a perfect little dress for the summer months, don't you agree?

And here is the after a few well chosen accessories and I now have a Fall/Winter look.

Here it is in cobalt blue all ready for winter!

Same dress different colors and sizes of stripes, but all can be made to look more appropriate for cooler months with the addition of the correct accessories.

Fun, cheerful and very summery looking isn't it? This little top is so versatile because of it's many colors.

Now it can be worn throughout the year!!

Sleeveless tops are my go-to blouse, summer or winter months. They are great for layering under a cashmere sweater. The collar peeking out is sometimes all you need to brighten up an outfit.

I added a cobalt cardigan and some magenta velvet jeans to make this more of a Fall outfit.

Pink boyfriend jeans can be worn throughout the season when the right accessories are added.....

If you have a cute jean skirt, be sure to pair it with a warm sweater and a cute pair of booties!

This soft embellished knit top looks like it could never cross over into a cooler season, but by adding a little touch of leopard, I made it work!

Be sure to re-examine some of your clothes that you put away for the winter, they JUST might work with some of your winter accessories. Play with your clothes and try different combinations, you just might be surprised at how your wardrobe can work from you.

BTW: All above images can be found on my Poshmark page just click HERE!!