Thursday, March 22, 2018

It's SPRING and I'm In The PINK!!


I am at it again!! It is that time of year for me to look at how I can brighten up my great room for Spring. Fabric samples have arrived and I am definitely going to be making some final decisions soon.

Of course sometimes there are snags in our plans and there was in mine when I found out the fabric I wanted to combine all the colors is no longer available ANYWHERE!! Sigh, ugh. Now onto plan B!

Here are some of the samples I am looking at getting, excluding the upper left from Studio McGee, "no longer available!"

In the past I have tried to add pink but it just was not working for me. I found that I need a brighter pink in my room for it to look like ME!! It's important to always stay true yourself when decorating your home.

I actually have two of these fabrics in other colors ways so I know I love the patterns.

Here are last years Spring pillows, the blue Chinoiserie pattern and the green feather looking pattern are the same patterns I have for my new selections but only in pink.

My next step is to find the right combinations to put in my great room. Yes, I take lots of time to plan it all out, but that is what designing is, making a workable plan for the homeowners home/room and making it come to fruition. Without planning expensive mistakes can happen. Why settle on something just because you can get it NOW. Take your time and.......


Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Steps To Take When Making Changes To A Room

   "Spring Is Right Around The Corner"

It's that time of year again when we all start looking at our lives and thinking about making some changes.

When it comes to your home's rooms, have you ever said,

" I wish I could start all over!"? 

If we are being honest we probably have all said that at some point, but the reality of the matter is most of us do not have the budget to do that.

So what CAN we do?

Actually there are a lot of things we can do, but first we need to have a plan so we spend our time, energy and money wisely.

I am talking about a plan that will help you  work with what you already have with a few new additions.


Remove all elements except your main furniture pieces from the room.

Now step back and ask yourself a few questions:

1. Is there a good flow in my room?

2. Do I need all the pieces in the room? If the answer is no, remove the unnecessary piece right now.

3. Arrange furniture pieces for the best flow, and use in the room. Don't be afraid to take pieces from other parts of your home. Shop what you already own.

4. Be creative, think outside the box. 


Look around to see if you have enough lighting in the room. Here is a formula for you to figure out just how much you need...

1. Now that you know how much lighting you need place necessary lighting around the room. Keeping in mind to use floor lamps, table lamps, sconces and over head lighting.

2. This is a good time to make a new purchase if you need to brighten up your space, and update the style. Try getting something that is a bit more modern in shape and a lighter color or a reflective metal.

 19 Home Lighting Ideas - Best of DIY Ideas                                                                                                                                                                                 More:




Look at your walls do you need a fresh coat of paint? Where do you need to add mirrors or paintings?

1. Mirrors are wonderful to reflect more light in a room and they can also enlarge a space.

2. Keep in mind the shape, color, style and size of the mirror you are using. Your mirror can introduce style, texture and color if chosen carefully. Don't be afraid to add a floor mirror, it is like adding an extra window.

3. It is very important to remember that not every wall needs something on it. If you want someone to stop and look at the wall then put something on it, otherwise leave it empty. 

Many homeowners make the mistake of adding something to every little sliver of wall that they have. It is not necessary!

4. All rooms need a place for the eye to rest so having an area without something placed there is a good idea to keep the eye flowing around the room.

5. When selecting a color for your walls, be sure to bring home the color chips and then decide on which three you want to get a sample pint. Get some poster board and paint a large sampling on the poster board using at least 2 coats so you get the full pigmentation of the color.

6. Place your sample board in the lightest area and the darkest corner to see how it looks before making a decision. 



Every room needs something that is alive, plants or flowers will fall into this category.

1. Choose 2-3 areas where you might add a plant or a floral arrangement. Use real whenever possible. Nothing can look as tired as a dusty artificial arrangement of unrealistic flowers or plants. I like to add a live plant in corners to bring life to an otherwise dead spot in the room.

2. It is nice to have a certain area that you always have fresh flowers. Remember you can add greenery to a vase from you yard and it can look beautiful. Fresh flowers are so inexpensive at your grocery store just about anyone can have them in their homes.


Time for accessorizing. Decide if you are a less is more person or a more is more person. Look around to see where you need color or texture.

1. Only bring back the elements that you absolutely love. Sometimes it is time to retire certain elements in our home. Remember you can always rotate them in and out of your room.

2. Vary the textures in your accessories, mix up rough, shiny, dull and smooth textures. By varying textures you will have an interesting room.

3. Freshen up the fabrics on your pillows this can be done seasonally as well. It is fun to bring in new pillows to change out a rooms look.





If new purchases need to be made I always like to choose the least available pieces first. This would be area rugs and main furniture pieces.  Once you have those pieces then you are ready to choose the others.

Sometimes all we need to do is make a few purchases to freshen things up. 

One mistake some homeowners make is they just keep adding the new with the old  without editing the room first. That can be a big mistake and you just might end up with a hot mess of a room if you do that.

Before making a purchase first you have to be attracted to it, and then ask yourself where you will use it. Place it there in your minds eye. If you think it will work go for it!

Instead of thinking about what you can't do now, think about what you CAN DO!!

Enjoy The Process of:

Making your room look like a new room!!

Friday, January 19, 2018

WARDROBE POST! Restocking My Wardrobe!



If you have been following along with me for awhile you probably know I have recently, (and finally), lost a bit of weight. 

I will never be a weight loss guru nor will this blog become about weight loss. I truly believe it is such an individuals own desire to  want it badly enough to find what works for them.

In my weight loss journey I also had to literally replenish my entire wardrobe. I don't know about the rest of you but I don't have a money tree in my backyard so I have to be frugal and spend wisely.

That brings me to my discovery of Poshmark. I started posting my clothing on this site and was pleasantly surprised at how well I did selling my old wardrobe. It also afforded me to be able to purchase new clothing at a fraction of the cost. Plus it is a form of recycling so that kind of felt good too.

Anyhow I wanted to share some of the bargains that are available on Poshmark. Keep in mind you can find brand new items some like new items as well. 

I look for the newer pieces and I ask for all measurements and the condition of the item before ever pushing the purchase button. I have only had one purchase where the seller was less than truthful.

I will start with my newest purchase of some pretty flats. I have to wear flats these days so I am always on the hunt for some cute or pretty one's. These fall in the category of pretty for dressier occasions....

Aren't they pretty? Very Chanelesque, don't you think? These were originally $120 and I got them for $45. I am only mentioning the pricing because they are such a good deal and that is what Poshmark is all about. Never worn!!

This Banana Republic blouse is pristine and classic. As long as it fits it will stay in my wardrobe for many years. Originally $70 and I got it for $18!! 

Brand new top! INC brand for $25. This top is to die for in person. It has a little touch of metallic gold trim at the top of the neck. I am really going to enjoy this cutie.

Another brand new item. I actually owned this blouse and have been looking and looking to see if anyone else had it in a smaller size. After a few months it finally came up. It is in pristine condition and I originally paid $89 at Chico's for mine and I purchased this one for..... Are you ready? $9. Yes that is right only $9. keep in mind there is a $6.49 shipping fee, but can you believe that. I now have another favorite blouse hanging in my closet.

I am showing you all black and white basics today but trust me I have colored pieces as well. I will show you those in another post.

This fun skirt for Spring is from J.Crew. I love their pieces but often find them over priced in my mind so to be able to get this brand new skirt that was originally $65 for $15 really felt like a win-win and a little victory.

If you do decide to post, or just shop on Poshmark take the time to feel out your categories and preferences and be very specific on your searches otherwise you will have to go through a lot of not so cute stuff. 

I have had very good luck finding and receiving my items and will continue to use Poshmark for selling the items I out grow and also to purchase some in my new size.

Of course I still purchase items from retail stores, but I am very careful to get them on sale. I am a pretty discriminating shopper, and of course I also am a planner. 

I know my style and the silhouettes that look best on me and I stick with those. I like a black and white base with the addition of color. 

When I think about it, I dress like I decorate  my home. I am a total classic/preppy dresser so most of my items will lean in that direction.

I hope you try poshmark out!! If you do, use my user name @fiano  and I will get a little credit for you joining and making your first purchase!! If you have any questions just email me, I will be glad to help if I can.